Friday, 30 October 2009

Manchester! and my little purple dress x

My holiday in Manchester with my family to see our friends it was so much fun! On the first day we went to Trafford Centre!! It's the biggest mall in europe it has it's own cinema! The food hall was set out like a boat it's amazing but the best bit was all the sales!!! I bought a little purple dress in Miss selfridge i think that is my new favourite shop! It was reduced from £32 pounds to £15
but before that i picked up this lovely turqouise dress but it is too big so it's my mum's now!
But I noticed there were NO fit guys in trafford centre but my feet were aching after walking round for ages cause I was wearing £2 primark shoes! The next day we went to Blackpool it's amazing we walked the Golden Mile and my feet hurt then aswell also it was really really windy so we all bought hats!We went on rides but not in pleasure beach on a different pier but it was fun finishing the day with a toffee apple! The last day of our stay we went ice skating in a hockey arena and there were loads of fit guys there! But our friend has three dogs and three cats but my favourite is her 1 year old great dane Jake he is gawjus! Sorry I probably babbled on for ages but one more thing the 5 things I saw the most
1. Flourescent hats (like the one my sister has) everyone at Blackpool had one!
2. Trench Coats I really want one but need some more money
3. Big fluffy coats!
4. Floral Printed Clothes!
Sorry I had loads when I was walking round but now I can't remember them
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Halloween Costume!

So...... Halloween is soon and I have no idea what I am going to wear! The only thing I don't want to be is a slut!!! e.g bunny anything skimpy and slutty! So i thought i would put some pictures of some ideas i might do!

I found some funny couple costumes aswell so i thought i would give you a giggle!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

New haircut! Fringeeeeeee!

Hi guys when i said I was having my haircut you said put some pictures on once you had it done so here you go!It isn't as straight as it used to be cause i keep running my fingers through it! But any one who is going to have a fringecut my warning it is weird on your eyes and eyebrows! But be courages with your hair you will never know what looks bad until you have tried! x x x x x Please leave a comment on what you think! x

Monday, 12 October 2009


Hello earthlings :)

I am so sorry i haven't blogged in soooooo long I have had alot of writers block lately and home work is being piled on me and I have a new baby sis!!!

So on thursday i am having my hair cut and it has been along time since I have had my hair cut so i am BORED with it so i was thinking what about having a block fringe thats the "in thing" now-a-days init? I have had one before when i was very little and i hated but i think it is time for a new style! I have blonde hair and blue eyes and a long oval face so i am not sure whether or not it would suit me I did try a temporary wash in brown but i think it was labelled badly and I mixed it wrong so with the tester bit I did it when purple! So i ditched that idea for the meantime! So girlies I think it's fringes, afros and plait this autumn!!!

Also don't you think that there are some really ugly models some people call the quirky which they are but it's good that you don't have to be stick thin and as gorgeous as megan fox!

Please leave a comment about what you think :)
Sorry theres no pics cba! x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Daft Hands!

Ok i just watched two of the cleverest videos ever!!!! The song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by daft hands which is then made into Daft bodies! I am not able to load them on but i will put the link to them on and please please please watch them!
The beggining hand dancing isn't very good but just wait till the words and the bodies one i thought was awful dancing until the really fast bit then i was gobsmacked! Just have a look for yourself! Oh and i also want to say that my step mum gave birth to my new little sister yesterday and she is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen! Love you Bryher! x x x
WOH i have just found an even more confusing one by daft hands again which is the song technologic! Oh my gosh these people have loads of free time!!!!But technologic goes on for to long!
This is our song Israel!
Thankyou for reading :) x

Monday, 28 September 2009

I love new york!

I am so sorry i haven't written anything in soooooo long i can't think of anything to write but then the other day i started changing my clothes for example this i love ny top my step uncle got for me when he traveeled the world well most of it and it is was to big as a normal t'shirt so i just wore it in bed but then i thought why don't i accessorise it and make it into an off the shoulder top. So i did!

I would stick a picture of it on but I don't have a lead to any camera I own so sorry :(
But am in love with off the shoulder tops lately and it looks best on the girl in FLASHDANCE!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I love Britains next top model and Americas Next top model which is currently on cycle 12! I am watching it and loving i have picked up sooooooooo many good tips not that i do any modelling things but i would go on if needed when old enough! But I find that America's next top model is alot more bitchy and alot more dramatised! I prefer Tyra she is a godess! But britains next top model is a close second unlike Canada's and so on.... When i find someone else that watches it I can talk for ages but some of my favourite parts of the show are when;

Intresting Photoshoots
They have the makeovers!
When they bitch at the house
The crowning of the model.
And here are some of my favourite pictures!

Please leave a comment whether you think BNTM or ANTM is better and what you think of ANTMs cycle 12! x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Finger nails!

I have just given myself a french manicure but it's awful!!Lol i am never very good at them or decorating my nails! But one of the things i hate are longnails urrghh *shivers*. I also don't like awful fake nails revolting. And when ever i go to decorate my nails my mind goes blank i can't think of not one single design! So i thought i would put on some lovely nail designs! If you have any great pictures please leave a comment and about any great designs. x
Oh my gosh my best friend will go ballistic if she sees the cow print fingernail! She absolutely loves cows her bedroom is covered in cow print stuff! Love ya x

This nail is really pretty it looks like my bed covers! aahhh x
This picture is quiet hard to see but i especially like the one of the girls faces.
Thankyou for reading sorry it's boring mind block hopefully i will have a new post soon x

Saturday, 19 September 2009


For my art textiles gcses I have to make a bag or pillow out of recycled stuff! I am really stuck for ideas I was thinking Jeans which would be pretty cool but I think that everyone is going to do that so i have uploaded some pictures for ideas. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas!
This bag is made out of coke can clips.very clever.
This bag is made from leather belts it's very cute and clever!

These dresses are gawjus I love them so clever and cheap! Great inspiration! There are hundreds of more pictures i could put on but for now thats it.

Gorgeous eye makeup!!

I am a big fan of crazy,extravagent makeup but not so you get attention so you can show off your artistic flare and experiment! I have done quite a few experiments for exmaple last night! And at sleepovers! Colour can give your eyes such expression if you choose the right colours!

Blue definitely goes turqouise-green and greys!!

Brown eyes suit purple,and greens!



i decided to make a blog because of a great friend, Author in the making, who has shown me the light!
She showed me hers and i was inspired and it look like fun!
We had a great sleepover last night including CRAZY MAKEUP! and zac effron!lol (he isn't as fit as Taylor Lautner)
I am in love with twilight and can't wait for the next film!
I love shopping and drama,dance and music and my friends OF COURSE!
I love makeup but to be creative with it not for looking like a slapper!
I chose Pic 'n' mix cause i am weird! lol but cause i choose this name every time i do a team game with my friends cause we are all different and wacky! My fave pic 'n' mix is CHOCOLATE RAISINS!!
That's about it but thankyou if you read this and hope you look again x x x