Monday, 21 September 2009

Finger nails!

I have just given myself a french manicure but it's awful!!Lol i am never very good at them or decorating my nails! But one of the things i hate are longnails urrghh *shivers*. I also don't like awful fake nails revolting. And when ever i go to decorate my nails my mind goes blank i can't think of not one single design! So i thought i would put on some lovely nail designs! If you have any great pictures please leave a comment and about any great designs. x
Oh my gosh my best friend will go ballistic if she sees the cow print fingernail! She absolutely loves cows her bedroom is covered in cow print stuff! Love ya x

This nail is really pretty it looks like my bed covers! aahhh x
This picture is quiet hard to see but i especially like the one of the girls faces.
Thankyou for reading sorry it's boring mind block hopefully i will have a new post soon x


  1. hey Livi, love those nails, those faces r soooo cute!!! u r doing great on da blog! A follower already, i'm such a proud blog mother, LOL!!

  2. I wish I could rock the fun nails. but I play violin and can never grow my nails out :(

  3. I think it'd be super fun to rock some bold colors or kooky designs on my nails but I've never been too much of a nail polish gal. My mom's a manicurist and always wants to color my nails and I actually let her do my toenails because it makes her happy. There's not a lot of stuff about me that make her happy so I let her paint and pedicure all she wants, haha.

    I do have to say, though, the black and white ones up top are pretty cool. Also, I loathe long nails as well. Gross!

  4. Hi thanx 4 the comment nd no problem with ur comment. I love the nails - such a shame that i cant paint my nails as i bite them lol i should really stop :S lol Thanx again x

  5. Oooh I love nail art!
    Those cow print ones look awesome!