Saturday, 19 September 2009


i decided to make a blog because of a great friend, Author in the making, who has shown me the light!
She showed me hers and i was inspired and it look like fun!
We had a great sleepover last night including CRAZY MAKEUP! and zac effron!lol (he isn't as fit as Taylor Lautner)
I am in love with twilight and can't wait for the next film!
I love shopping and drama,dance and music and my friends OF COURSE!
I love makeup but to be creative with it not for looking like a slapper!
I chose Pic 'n' mix cause i am weird! lol but cause i choose this name every time i do a team game with my friends cause we are all different and wacky! My fave pic 'n' mix is CHOCOLATE RAISINS!!
That's about it but thankyou if you read this and hope you look again x x x


  1. awww i love twilight too ! isnt it frustrating to think that new moon premiere is still 2 months away ?! haahahhass. anyway, nice blog ! damn love the banner :D xx

  2. Nicee blog, In case u dont realise Its : Israel, Hannah and Jess. It's Jess talkin btw - I talked to you on msn the otha daii :D Lovin the blog xxxx