Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I love Britains next top model and Americas Next top model which is currently on cycle 12! I am watching it and loving i have picked up sooooooooo many good tips not that i do any modelling things but i would go on if needed when old enough! But I find that America's next top model is alot more bitchy and alot more dramatised! I prefer Tyra she is a godess! But britains next top model is a close second unlike Canada's and so on.... When i find someone else that watches it I can talk for ages but some of my favourite parts of the show are when;

Intresting Photoshoots
They have the makeovers!
When they bitch at the house
The crowning of the model.
And here are some of my favourite pictures!

Please leave a comment whether you think BNTM or ANTM is better and what you think of ANTMs cycle 12! x


  1. Ooh that is hadr i think AMNT wins!!! They r gawjus piccys, i LOVE the first one. Thnx for ur comments btw and missing u 2

  2. ANTM is one of my faves too!

    Tyra is a little too much for me at times but i am still addicted :)


  3. heyy there :)
    haha thanks for the nice blog comment :D
    but howd u find my blog? :)
    teehee :)
    and i used to play WD, but now im a GA :)
    AND AND, i LOVE twilight and ANTM! :)