Monday, 28 September 2009

I love new york!

I am so sorry i haven't written anything in soooooo long i can't think of anything to write but then the other day i started changing my clothes for example this i love ny top my step uncle got for me when he traveeled the world well most of it and it is was to big as a normal t'shirt so i just wore it in bed but then i thought why don't i accessorise it and make it into an off the shoulder top. So i did!

I would stick a picture of it on but I don't have a lead to any camera I own so sorry :(
But am in love with off the shoulder tops lately and it looks best on the girl in FLASHDANCE!


  1. Darn, Im annoyed u can't post a piccy. LOve that post Livi, ur a natural blogger and thnx for the comment btw. Yes i cannot wait 2 go shoppign and poot about it 2gefa!!!

  2. hope 2 c a pic of this some time, sounds kl.
    thanks for the comment btw