Thursday, 1 October 2009

Daft Hands!

Ok i just watched two of the cleverest videos ever!!!! The song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by daft hands which is then made into Daft bodies! I am not able to load them on but i will put the link to them on and please please please watch them!
The beggining hand dancing isn't very good but just wait till the words and the bodies one i thought was awful dancing until the really fast bit then i was gobsmacked! Just have a look for yourself! Oh and i also want to say that my step mum gave birth to my new little sister yesterday and she is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen! Love you Bryher! x x x
WOH i have just found an even more confusing one by daft hands again which is the song technologic! Oh my gosh these people have loads of free time!!!!But technologic goes on for to long!
This is our song Israel!
Thankyou for reading :) x


  1. Aah thankyou for mentionign me babe, and what do u mean by pervert there honney? LOVE the blog and wish i coudl see u and shop with u and chat with u all the time ;(

  2. Hey babe, sorry only me again!!! LOL, u must b dissapointed. just wanted to say that i wuv u lots and i think u r doing a great job with ur blog!! was wonderign what u meant about the perverst though???? is ur neighbour beign desperate again??? ;) lol, tell him i said u fancy him LOL LOL

  3. Aah thnx for commentign babe, i loved the film! And thankyou for your gorgeous comment, tho it's not true, i'm sure you'll think of somethign though lov ya loads xxx