Friday, 30 October 2009

Manchester! and my little purple dress x

My holiday in Manchester with my family to see our friends it was so much fun! On the first day we went to Trafford Centre!! It's the biggest mall in europe it has it's own cinema! The food hall was set out like a boat it's amazing but the best bit was all the sales!!! I bought a little purple dress in Miss selfridge i think that is my new favourite shop! It was reduced from £32 pounds to £15
but before that i picked up this lovely turqouise dress but it is too big so it's my mum's now!
But I noticed there were NO fit guys in trafford centre but my feet were aching after walking round for ages cause I was wearing £2 primark shoes! The next day we went to Blackpool it's amazing we walked the Golden Mile and my feet hurt then aswell also it was really really windy so we all bought hats!We went on rides but not in pleasure beach on a different pier but it was fun finishing the day with a toffee apple! The last day of our stay we went ice skating in a hockey arena and there were loads of fit guys there! But our friend has three dogs and three cats but my favourite is her 1 year old great dane Jake he is gawjus! Sorry I probably babbled on for ages but one more thing the 5 things I saw the most
1. Flourescent hats (like the one my sister has) everyone at Blackpool had one!
2. Trench Coats I really want one but need some more money
3. Big fluffy coats!
4. Floral Printed Clothes!
Sorry I had loads when I was walking round but now I can't remember them
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  1. Wow liv it's a really good post. That dress looks amazign on you and it's so pretty, the camera is in exactly the place where your eyes would be... sorry that makes me laugh. I wnat to hear more about the it hockey guys, ooh i am so jeleaous- the biggest mall in Europe!!! lov u loads and thanks for commenting.

  2. Heya livi,
    this post is great and it sounds like you had a really good time :) the pics of u in the dress are so nice and you are really pretty :) I also see that we have alot in common, as I too find that drama is a big part of my life :) please check out my blog, bills/ben + jerrys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx