Thursday, 15 October 2009

New haircut! Fringeeeeeee!

Hi guys when i said I was having my haircut you said put some pictures on once you had it done so here you go!It isn't as straight as it used to be cause i keep running my fingers through it! But any one who is going to have a fringecut my warning it is weird on your eyes and eyebrows! But be courages with your hair you will never know what looks bad until you have tried! x x x x x Please leave a comment on what you think! x


  1. Wow Liv you look amazing!!! I told you it woudl suit you, you have a similar look to me. Blue eyes, blonde hair, oval face..... Oh that makes me miss you soooo much. We should arraneg a time to go on MSN, cos I don't wanna write my number on the web :) Lov u loads and thanks for the comment.

  2. kyooot!!
    love the new hair :)

  3. Oooh it looks great.
    I had my fringe put in over the summer and it is so fun to experiment with your hair!
    Haha congrats on taking the plunge ;)

  4. Hey Liv thanks for the great comment, I would love to coem down in the hols but i think my dad's goin abroad then :( If you want a backgroudn lk that then click on the web adress on the left hand corner of my blog and follow the instructions. LOVE u loads xxx

  5. im so jelous your stunning and you have lovely tanned skin ! your hair cuts gorg x