Monday, 12 October 2009


Hello earthlings :)

I am so sorry i haven't blogged in soooooo long I have had alot of writers block lately and home work is being piled on me and I have a new baby sis!!!

So on thursday i am having my hair cut and it has been along time since I have had my hair cut so i am BORED with it so i was thinking what about having a block fringe thats the "in thing" now-a-days init? I have had one before when i was very little and i hated but i think it is time for a new style! I have blonde hair and blue eyes and a long oval face so i am not sure whether or not it would suit me I did try a temporary wash in brown but i think it was labelled badly and I mixed it wrong so with the tester bit I did it when purple! So i ditched that idea for the meantime! So girlies I think it's fringes, afros and plait this autumn!!!

Also don't you think that there are some really ugly models some people call the quirky which they are but it's good that you don't have to be stick thin and as gorgeous as megan fox!

Please leave a comment about what you think :)
Sorry theres no pics cba! x


  1. Ooh, you must try and post a piccy of the new do!!! If you have a logn face, a block fringe will make it look shorter ) I agre, I have seen soem really 'quirky' models, and i think it's really good. Lots of love babe and whish I could see you son, OMG, have you bought the latest Bliss, it coes with a twilight bag!!!!

  2. That sucks your hair turned purple :(
    put pics of your new haircut! I always love new hair ideas, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes too.
    Also, I really like the quirky models, especially Ranya Mordanova

  3. Livi, lol, i hadn't realized that you'd left a comment on Billi's blog. You do kno she's my grandma?? LOL, i'm sure she appreciates it anyway babe. LOL